Welcome !

I grewed up in France, in the Elsass region (« Alsace » in french), close to the borders of Germany and Switzerland.

The street where I have spent main part of my childhood and where my parents are still living is named in honor of the famous french physicist and mathematician Agustin Jean Fresnel (1788-1827).

Although I prefered human sciences and was aiming to become lawyer, or historian, I studied Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Informatics. My future was already written ?

With skills in both mathematics and theoretical physics, I try to modelise some complex phenomena occuring in physics, engineering, economy … , and to simulate them on computers or supercomputers in order to propose some solutions and/or to optimise some features.

Examples of such phenomena can be : aging of nuclear plants vessels under neutronic cascades, atomic-scale simulations of some mechanical phenomena such as shear bands appereance in innovative materials such as bulk metallic glasses, computations of large molecules or atomic systems within quantum mechanics framework, …

In order to achieve such tasks, I use and develop new pure and applied mathematical methods : for example optimisation technics, inverse problems, interval arithmetics and analysis, … .